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Get your pet's favorite treats shipped automatically

We know that you are way too busy to remember to go to the store and pick up treats. We’ve got you covered! With our Treat of the Month Club and Packs, you can select which treats you want and how often they are sent.

The U-Pick Packs let you select which treats you’d like and when you want them shipped to you: every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months. The Pack will be sent at the selected interval automatically and our credit card will be billed.

The Packs give you a percentage discount. So, you get treats at a cheaper price, don’t have to worry about forgetting or running out, and you keep your pets happy. That’s a win-win-win!

Yes! At any time, you can either Suspend (put your subscription on hold) or Cancel (delete completely) from the My Account page. If you suspend your subscription, you can easily renew it at any time. Once your subscription is cancelled, you’ll have to place a new order to create a new subscription.

All the details about your subscription is located on the My Account page.

We’ll email you a few days before your subscription renews letting you know what date and what amount will be charged.

100% Human-grade

Treats you wouldn't be afraid to eat.

Pet Allergy Friendly

No wheat, soy, or corn. Only grain & gluten-free flours.

Small Batches

Baked to order ensuring you the freshest treats.

No Scary Stuff

No animal by-products, fillers, or artificial anything.

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