Shopping small should be more than just one day a year.

When you buy from a small business, you’re supporting dreams. Think of that! Your singular purchase lifts their spirits, gives them that little boost they needed, and helps reinforce their drive to keep going.

What does it take to start your own business?

A vision, a goal, a passion, and a great deal of courage. Oh, and money.

What does it take to keep that business going?

Belief, trust, drive, and more than your average amount of tenacity. And yes, more money.

How You Can Help

  1. It’s so easy – just tell a friend! There’s usually not a great deal of money available for advertising, so word of mouth is vital to the growth of a small business. Promote the ones you believe in on your social media accounts. Tag their business, use the hashtags #ShopSmallAllYearLong and #SupportADream, and say a little about why others should buy their handmade product.
  2. Leave a review. Sharing your thoughts on their product is just as vital as telling a friend.
  3. Like, comment, and share their posts. Are they having a sale or releasing a new product? Or is that post just so awesome, it has to be shared?
  4. And, of course, buy from them whenever you can.
Shop Small All Year Long
At Broomstick Pet Treats, we’re joining with our fellow small business owners to foster the notion of buying handmade goods from “mom and pop” shops more often. It’s not easy to start a revolution, but with patience and determination, we can do it! Won’t you help? **Download this image to help spread the word!**

Please support these brave souls in their quest to follow their dreams.

Presented in random order.

Ginger Snap Wishes

Handmade clothes for all kids

Clothing for kids with an emphasis on “boy” and unique themes. Skirt options with firetrucks, police cars, construction vehicles, and dinosaurs – because girls like those things, too!

A Joyful Bird

Stylish, handmade dog and cat accessories

High quality, unique accessories for your furry friends. A portion of proceeds go to nonprofits fighting for the rights of women globally.

City Rustic Decor

Hand-painted rustic decor for your urban lifestyle

Custom made rustic home décor. Signs, wooden boxes, up-cycled mason jars, painted wine bottle vases, stemless wine glasses, and more.

Sew Happy Quilting

Unique quilted crafts for everyday life

Baby quilts, mug rugs, potholders, table runners, placemats, and more. Every item is triple sewn at the edges, washable, and unique. Plus small, quilted items and cotton fabric bundles for the crafter.

Cookie Cutter Lady

Cookie cutters, cookie stamps, stencils, stamps, cake toppers, cupcake toppers

Highly intricate two piece cookie cutters that cut an outline and then use a stamp to create beautiful cookies and other baked goods.

A Wish Away Designs

Handmade crystal and hand-stamped jewelry

Unique and wearable jewelry that has meaning for you. Wear your intentions and your why!

Kozy Candle Co.
Kozy Candle Co.

Hand poured soy wax candles in coffee mugs and more

Give a unique gift or treat yourself with a soy wax candle from Kozy Candle Co. A Kozy candle is two gifts in one.

LJG Candles

Personalized memorial candles & unique sympathy gifts

Heartfelt gifts and keepsakes to comfort those who have lost loved ones. Handmade with love by a grieving mother.

Spoken in Red

Fine art and conceptual portrait photography

 Unique fusion of portrait photography and digital/graphic art. Going beyond the lens to create and capture nuances and moods, both beautiful and “ugly”, enlightening and morbid, fantastical as well as alien and bizarre.

Wendy May

Happy art makes a happy heart

Self-taught visual artist creating happy and whimsical art from the beauty in our everyday lives.

Olive & L.E.O. Design

Greyhound apparel, Snuggleball pet beds, and more

Stylish greyhound coats for all seasons and cozy Snuggleball beds that are perfect for your furry friend to curl up in or stretch out.

Crochet by MSA

Thread art in doilies, jewelry bags, home decor & more

Taking great pride and joy from each item I create from a simple ball of thread and a hook.

Inspired by BB

Because profanity CAN be funny

Wine glasses and tumblers with a twist! You will find the perfect gift for anyone who loves to drop the ‘F’ bomb.

Paws Up For Bows

Handmade wearables for our lovable furbabies

Handmade items for those cute, lovable fur babies we call pets or, more truthfully, fur children.

Living a Dreamer’s Life

Handmade jewelry, journals & more

Unique and vintage-styled jewelry and ornaments handmade from polymer clay and mixed media.

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