Surprise Me! 2 Pack
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Surprise Me! 2 Pack

From: $26.00 / month

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Different flavors delivered each time at a big discount AND free shipping. Can’t beat that! We’ll send 2 (two) treats for your couch wolf either monthly or every other month. Having a variety will ensure your furbaby doesn’t get bored. Just tell us what your doggos shouldn’t have so we don’t send anything they can’t eat.

No toys, just treats. ‘Cuz we know your furbabies already have a ton of toys. They go through snacks, though, and that’s what we do best!

What can your pet(s) *not* have? Please be as specific as possible.

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2 reviews for Surprise Me! 2 Pack

  1. Jeanne Bird (verified owner)

    I ordered the surprise me! 2 pack for our 2 dogs to get something new each month. You can trust that the ingredients Broomstick Pet Treats uses in their pet snacks are something you can eat yourself. There are no preservatives or harmful ingredients used in these nutritious treats. The girls know that after they go outside to do their business they get a treat. Our pups especially love the pineapple treats as well as the apple and PB. This month we got strawberry treats as part of our Surprise Me pack. I was apprehensive that they wouldn’t like them, but both girls chewed them up with gusto! So from Hazel and Daisy, thank you for providing our snacks! We love you!!

  2. DeAnna Groves (verified owner)

    I love my cookie baker so much. I get the surprise pack each month and pee a little each time it comes in the mail as I know there is some awesome goodies in there!! She never sends me pickle flavor just like I asked!!! My favorite so far is my pumpkin ones. So drooling delicious. Good thing my mom feels so good about them cause she knows they are made from the bestest ingredients, she lets me have more than one! sometimes 3 a day.. I am a growing dawg ya know.. She also says, look how adorable when she sees them– weird I know!! Peace Out, xxxooxx Meraki the Boingle ✌💜

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