Pizza Bones


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This treat is now in a new shape! Check them out here: Did Someone Say Pizza?!

In our house, we call pizza crust “pizza bones”, and that inspired this treat. A savory blend of tomato, mozzarella, provolone, olive oil, and spices make these crunchy bones smell and taste just like cheese pizza.

Resealable container: 8oz, averaging of 53-54, 1.75″ treats.

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Why This Treat Is Good For Your Furbaby
  • Brown rice, as a whole grain, provides slow release energy helping to stabilize blood sugar levels. It’s also full of fiber, and rich in essential minerals.
  • And because it makes them happy!

Whole oat flour (organic), sweet brown rice flour (organic), arrowroot (organic), tomato paste (organic), mozzarella & provolone cheese blend, water, olive oil, agar agar (organic), arrowroot (organic), oregano (organic), and basil (organic).

Shelf Life

Treats are crunchy and will last 3+ months if kept sealed and dry. Refrigerate for optimum shelf life or freeze.

3 reviews for Pizza Bones

  1. jiyer4835 (verified owner)

    We got these Pizza Bones as a generous sample offer from Carrie. What a clever idea! Carrie is the most creative ever – loved this healthy way of giving our dog Karli the pizza she craves!

  2. Diane Bykowski (verified owner)

    My friend and her dog (who received the treats) said these were amazing, and her pup went crazy for them as soon as the little container was opened.

  3. Himi Arora (verified owner)

    These treats smell just like pizza thanks to the oregano, basil, and cheese! Sometimes I think about trying them myself 🙂

    • Carrie (Admin) (verified owner)

      LOL, you certainly could! Confession: I ate all of the first test batch! They tasted just like pizza crust, seriously.

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