Luv You Bunches Box


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Get 3 drool-worthy flavors, both crunchy and soft, in this Luv You Bunches 💝  box:

  • Strawberry Valentines: 15-16, 2″ crunchy treats
  • Blueberry & Carob: 15-16, 2″ crunchy treats OR Chocolate Strawberries (grain-free) if your pup has an oat flour allergy
  • Soft-Hearted (grain-free): 18-20, .75”-ish soft treats

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  • Strawberry Valentines: Strawberries (organic), brown & sweet rice flours (non-GMO), olive oil, arrowroot (organic), and beet powder (organic).
  • Blueberry & Carob: Blueberries (organic), whole oat flour (gluten-free), sweet rice flour, arrowroot (organic), olive oil, carob powder, water, and vanilla (organic, no-alcohol).
  • Soft-Hearted: Tapioca flour, coconut flour (organic), coconut oil (organic), arrowroot (organic), water, coconut milk powder (organic), beet powder (organic), and ascorbic acid (vitamin C used as a preservative).
  • Chocolate Strawberries: Buckwheat flour (organic), strawberries (organic), olive oil, carob, water, baking soda, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C used as a preservative).
Shelf Life
  • Crunchy: Treats are crunchy and will last 2+ months if kept sealed and dry. Refrigerate for optimum shelf life or freeze.
  • Soft: **Keep refrigerated**. Treats will last 6+ weeks if kept in the refrigerator. Freeze for up to 3 months.

1 review for Luv You Bunches Box

  1. Hera and Zeus (verified owner)

    We LOVE Broomstick treats!
    They are made and packaged with so much love!
    I am just a but jealous of my pups Hera and Zeus for these beautiful, natural and vegan treats (I am vegan myself and my “treats” never look so beautiful).
    The only treats I really feel good about feeding my pups!
    Hera and Zeus absolutely LOVE the healthy treats and would eat the entire box if wouldn’t restrict them!
    Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!

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