Halloween Pumpkin Spice
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Halloween Pumpkin Spice


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Nothing scary in these treats! Packed with organic pumpkin, these crunchy cuties are healthy, low fat, and delicious. The black color comes naturally from activated charcoal.

Resealable & reusable container: 8oz averaging 44-47, 1.75″–2″ jack-o’-lanterns, witch hats, haunted houses, and ghosts (easily broken for smaller mouths)


Brown & sweet rice flours, pumpkin (organic), arrowroot (organic), olive oil, water, activated charcoal (for black coloring), and pumpkin spice*.

*We blend our own pumpkin spice without nutmeg.

  • Made fresh to order with only human-grade ingredients. NO wheat, gluten, soy, corn, dairy, or eggs.
  • Treats are crunchy and will last 3+ months if kept sealed and dry. Refrigerate for optimum shelf life or freeze.
  • No sugar or salt added, no artificial preservatives, no fillers, no by-products, no fake flavoring or coloring.

4 reviews for Halloween Pumpkin Spice

  1. Kylie Urczyk (verified owner)

    Treat your furry trickster to these spooktacular Halloween Pumpkin Spice treats. The wickedly fun shapes let your pup celebrate this treat filled holiday with the rest of the family. My pup can’t get enough of the pumpkin flavor. I love that Broomstick Pet Treats are made with only the best organic ingredients so I never have to worry about feeding my dog something scary.

  2. Michelle Soudier (verified owner)

    Both of my dogs loved these treats. I really like the healthy ingredients for them, plus I love the fun Halloween shapes. I will be buying broomstick treats again; can’t wait to try other flavors and the cat treats too!

  3. brandimcanally (verified owner)

    My dogs Love these!!
    I have ordered several different verities multiple times and my Pitty and Dane both can’t get enough.
    Wholesome ingredients that I feel comfortable giving my dogs and they love the taste too.

  4. paulaguenther (verified owner)

    We have a 14 year old beagle and a 1 year old lab and they both loved these!!! Our pups have loved every treat they’ve eaten from Broomstick Pet Treats! We like that they are all natural with no additives like you find in pet stores. Try them all!!

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