Fall Pumpkin Spice
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Fall Pumpkin Spice


These super cute Fall shaped treats are packed with organic pumpkin making them both drool-worthy and healthy. Carob, a fantastic and dog-safe version of chocolate, adds yummy variety to the mix. We use our own pumpkin spice blend that doesn’t contain nutmeg.

Resealable & reusable container: 8.5oz averaging 48-50, 1.5″-2″ assorted Fall shapes, easily broken for smaller mouths.


Brown rice flour (organic), pumpkin (organic), sweet rice flour, olive oil (organic), arrowroot (organic), pineapple (unsweetened), carob, agar agar (organic), and pumpkin spice (without nutmeg).

Shelf Life

Treats will last 3+ months if kept sealed and dry. Treats come in a resealable, reusable container.


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