Dog Treat Cake Topper
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Dog Treat Cake Topper


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Your dog’s birthday cake needs an edible treat topper, doesn’t it?! Get a 3″x3″ topper in the flavor of your choice plus one dozen bone-shaped treats (probably more, really), and paw print balloons if you’d like.


  • 2 Dog Treat Toppers. Each is approximately 3″x3″. (Why 2, you ask? Just in case one breaks during shipping! You can never be too careful.)
  • 24+ bone-shaped treats, around 1.75″. (If you select the Neapolitan Ice Cream Cookie flavor, you can have these treats in the ice cream cone shape if you’d like.)
  • Optional: 5, 12″ latex balloons of assorted colors

Treats will be crunchy, however, if placed on frosted cake, they will absorb some of its moisture and become softer.

Did you know we have grain-free cake mixes? They come with mashed potato frosting!

  • Apple Snickerdoodle – Applesauce (organic, unsweetened), whole oat flour (organic), sweet rice flour, olive oil (organic), arrowroot (organic), agar agar (organic), and cinnamon (organic).
  • Blueberry – Blueberries (organic), whole oat flour (organic), brown & sweet rice flours, arrowroot (organic), olive oil, agar agar, water, and ebony carrot powder (organic).
  • Neapolitan Ice Cream – Brown rice & sweet rice flours, applesauce (organic, unsweetened), olive oil (organic), arrowroot (organic), water, agar agar, carob powder, beet powder (organic), and vanilla (organic).
  • PB & Pumpkin – Pumpkin (organic), whole oat flour (organic), natural peanut butter, blackstrap molasses (organic), flax (organic), and cinnamon (organic).
  • PB & J – Brown rice & sweet brown rice flours, whole oat flour (organic), blueberries (organic), applesauce (organic, unsweetened), natural peanut butter, water, olive oil (organic), arrowroot (organic), agar agar, and ebony carrot powder (organic).
  • Peanut Butter – Applesauce (organic, unsweetened), whole oat flour (organic), sweet rice flour, olive oil (organic), natural peanut butter, arrowroot (organic), and agar agar (organic).
  • Pineapple & Coconut – Pineapple (unsweetened), brown rice & sweet brown rice flours (non-GMO), powdered coconut milk (organic), coconut flakes (organic, unsweetened), arrowroot (organic).
  • Strawberry – Brown & sweet rice flours (non-GMO), strawberries (organic), olive oil (organic), arrowroot (organic), and beet powder (organic).

Treats are crunchy and will last 2+ months if kept sealed and dry. Refrigerate for optimum shelf life or freeze.

1 review for Dog Treat Cake Topper

  1. kyndalbowman13 (verified owner)

    Where do I even begin?! These cake toppers were beyond amazing and even better than I had imagined! They are a very nice size, the color was great, and both of my dogs loved them. The matching bonus treats that come along with the topper worked great as a sort of ‘confetti’ to sprinkle along the top of the table.

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