Dog Treat Advent Calendar


This well-crafted, handmade Christmas tree-shaped Advent calendar has 25 pockets, not the traditional 24, and you can choose either our popular Coconut Snowmen or Gingerbread Men dog treats to fill it. The calendar pockets can accommodate 2 treats snugly. See photos.

The hunter green felt tree measures approximately 20″ tall and 15″ at the widest point (bottom). There is a loop and wire ring on back for hanging. You’ll be using this Advent calendar for years to come!

  • YOU GET: One Christmas tree and 27 or 54, 1.75″ dog treats. (A few extra are thrown in to offset any breakage during shipping.) **THEY WILL BEGIN SHIPPING FIRST WEEK OF NOVEMBER 2021.**

This is a PRE-ORDER. Calendars WILL BEGIN SHIPPING FIRST WEEK OF NOVEMBER 2021, allowing for delivery in advance of December 1st.

  • Coconut Snowmen: Brown rice flour (organic), sweet rice flour, virgin coconut oil (organic), coconut flakes (organic, unsweetened), coconut milk (organic), water, arrowroot (organic), and agar agar (organic).
  • Pumpkin Gingerbread Men: Whole oat flour (organic), pumpkin (organic), blackstrap molasses (organic), olive oil (organic), flax (organic), cinnamon (organic), and ginger (organic).
  • Apple Spice & PB Gingerbread Men: Whole oat flour (organic), applesauce (organic, unsweetened), natural peanut butter, blackstrap molasses, flax (organic), cinnamon (organic), and ginger (organic).
Shelf Life

Treats will last 2+ months if kept dry. Treats come in a resealable, reusable container.


The Advent Dog Treat Calendars are made by fellow small business owner


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