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Carrot Cake


Carrots are the first ingredient.

These light yet thicker treats have a graham cracker-type consistency, are low-fat, and oh so tasty! Carrots are full of beta carotene, fiber, potassium, and vitamin A. The added spices make the treats smell like fresh carrot cake. Yum!

Resealable pouch: 8oz.

Averaging 52-54, 1.75″ carrots per pouch.

The carrots can be easily broken for smaller mouths.


Dog Treat Mix – Apples & Peanuts


Whole food in the mix you can see!

Baking your doggos all-natural, healthy, and crunchy treats couldn’t be simpler. Just add water. We dehydrate organic red apples until they are crunchy and grind for each batch, along with unsalted roasted nuts. The dough is easy to work with and perfect for cookie cutters. But you can roll it into balls and flatten. Get the kiddos and have some creative fun!

Treat jar AND cookie cutter included! Perfect for 🎁 gifting.

  • 6.15oz pouch makes about 28, 2″ bones. Using a 1.5″ mini-heart cookie cutter, our test kitchens made 54!
  • Treat jar is 5.5″x4″x4″, made of BPA-free plastic with designs on 4 sides, and a tight seal.

You get a 2″ metal, dog bone-shaped cutter or 1.75″ crinkly heart. (While supplies last.) Tell us which one you’d prefer at Checkout.

These treats bake up crunchy, so if you need softer treats, check out our Banana & Coconut Treat Mix.


I 🧡 Pumpkin


So tasty, and so healthy.

Loaded with organic pumpkin, carrots, and flaxseed, this crunchy treat is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids. They’re low in fat but high on taste. And the dash of organic cinnamon makes them smell amazing!

Resealable pouch: 8.2oz
Averaging 48-50, 1.5″ hearts per pouch.

The hearts can be easily broken for smaller mouths.


Peanut Butter is Life!


Double the peanut butter flavor!

Dogs go nuts for these treats (pun intended). We grind unsalted, roasted peanuts fresh and then add a dollop of natural peanut butter. Combined with good-for-you pumpkin, this treat is definitely of the hashtag #peanutbutterislife.

Resealable pouch: 8.15oz

Averaging 45-47, 1.5″ crunchy hearts

These treats can be easily broken for smaller mouths.




Tastes like summer!

The refreshing flavors of real pineapple (unsweetened) and coconut milk tastes like summer anytime of the year in this light, crunchy treat. And aren’t they cute??

Resealable pouch: 7.6oz (treat size is approx. 1.75″)
Average of 40-41 treats per pouch.