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Carrot Cake


Carrots are the first ingredient.

These light yet thicker treats have a graham cracker-type consistency, are low-fat, and oh so tasty! Carrots are full of beta carotene, fiber, potassium, and vitamin A. The added spices make the treats smell like fresh carrot cake. Yum!

Resealable pouch: 8oz.

Averaging 52-54, 1.75″ carrots per pouch.

The carrots can be easily broken for smaller mouths.


I 🧡 Pumpkin


So tasty, and so healthy.

Loaded with organic pumpkin, carrots, and flaxseed, this crunchy treat is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids. They’re low in fat but high on taste. And the dash of organic cinnamon makes them smell amazing!

Resealable pouch: 8.2oz
Averaging 48-50, 1.5″ hearts per pouch.

The hearts can be easily broken for smaller mouths.