How This All Started

In early 2017, I started making dog treats after getting fed up with all of the crap put into commercial dog treats. Have you read the labels on that stuff? What exactly is an “animal by-product” or “animal digest”?? Don’t Google it. Don’t do it! You’ll be sorry you did. Also, there seemed to be an endless stream of news articles about how certain countries were poisoning our pets. The sad truth is that some countries don’t have the quality (or humane) standards the U.S. does, or the high regard for our animal companions.

I’d lost my sweet Corgi, Dibby, to cancer after having only eight years with her. It could be linked to what I was feeding her (commercial pet food and treats) or it could be just one of those things. You never know. But I decided to take control of what I could. If nothing else, I’d feel better knowing exactly what my furry kids were getting.

If I Won’t Eat It, I’m Not Feeding It To Your Pet

Everything is made with human-grade ingredients (the same stuff you’d buy at the grocery store), and organic whenever possible–especially the ‘dirty’ fruits like strawberries and blueberries. There are no fake flavorings, no added sugar or salt, no fillers, or anything artificial added.

Give Us A Try!

This all sounds great, right? But your pet isn’t going to eat words. The proof is in the scarfing. Give our treats a try. We’ve converted many a picky pet, and we can’t wait to convert yours!

Check Out Our Treats

Who am I?

Carrie D. Miller-and_Jax-smallHi there! I’m Carrie Miller, owner and baker at Broomstick Pet Treats. The handsome fellow with me is our rescue, Jax. Can you believe someone abused and dumped him?!? He’s our CTO, Chief Tasting Officer. That boy loves everything! Including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc., except floppy vegetables; I think he’s gotta have the crunch.

I also have a rescued tabby, Binx. (Yep, named after the cat in Hocus Pocus.) I found her as a tiny kitten in the parking lot of a movie theatre in the pouring rain. Although I’m allergic, I took one look at her and said out loud “I’m keeping you, no matter what it takes.”

P.S. I am an author of contemporary fantasy and magical realism novels. Sound interesting? Check out my author website: