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Hi, folks! We’re away on vacation until July. You can still order, just please remember it won’t be baked until we return. Thank you!


Grain, Gluten & Wheat-free Flours

We’ve got nothing against whole wheat, but we don’t use it in our treats. Non-GMO and organic brown rice flour, flax, oat, garbanzo, buckwheat, and coconut flours are our go-tos.

All Natural

All-Natural, Human-Grade

If we won’t eat it, can’t pronounce it, or it has more syllables than ermahgerd, we’re not feeding it to your pet.

No Scary Ingredients

No Scary Stuff

We’ll never add animal by-products, digest or meal, cheap fillers like corn or soy, artificial flavors, colors, or chemical preservatives.

What Customers Are Saying

Cheryl N

The Calmies are amazing and worked great keeping my fur babies calm! Will definitely be ordering again!!


I bought these for my dog-nephew after receiving a free sample with my previous order. He has IMHA and arthritis, so these are great for him, plus he loves them! Treats to help with anxiety were also included as a free sample, which is great since my other dog nephew is an anxious boy. Thank you so much!

Kerri A

Are these the cutest dog treats in the history of dog treats? I think YES.


These are SO cute! My dogs adore them and they look adorable. The seller is kind and communicated well when my order was slightly late (which wasn’t the seller’s fault at all, by the way, she made these and shipped them out so fast!)

100% Human-grade

Treats you wouldn't be afraid to eat.

Pet Allergy Friendly

No wheat, soy, or corn. Only grain & gluten-free flours.

Small Batches

Baked to order ensuring you the freshest treats.

No Scary Stuff

No animal by-products, fillers, or artificial anything.

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