Why the name ‘Broomstick’ Pet Treats?

The owner, Carrie, absolutely loves Halloween, and not just because it’s her birthday. She wanted a unique, memorable name that had something to do with Halloween without being too Halloween-y. Plus, the business was officially kicked off in October of 2017, so that helped with the naming.

How are your treats made?

All treats are homemade using only human-grade ingredients – everyday things you can find in your local grocery store. Each recipe is thoroughly researched and tested before it’s offered for sale.

Nothing sits on a shelf waiting to be purchased. Each small batch is made to order, guaranteeing you a fresh product. Quality over quantity.

How many treats do you recommend giving our pet?

You know your pet better than we do. Is he/she overweight? Then, maybe not so many, or at all depending on what diet they are on. Are they sensitive to certain ingredients? Then please don’t give them that treat. While we firmly believe that pets should be spoiled often, use your best judgement. Also, treats are not meant to replace their daily nutritious food.

Will you make a special treat?

We love to get your special requests! Please fill out this short form or give us a call to discuss.

Your treats smell SO good! Can I eat them?

It’s tempting, isn’t it? But no. Even though everything we make our treats with is human-grade, the FDA  frowns on that, and we aren’t licensed to sell people treats.

What are your treats made with and how long will they last?

Please see the individual product page for those details.

Can my dog eat your cat treats with catnip in them?

There’s no reason why not! Catnip has benefits for dogs, also. It can help them relax, fight tummy issues, motion sickness, and more. in fact, we have some customers who use the cat treats as dog training treats. See more info on catnip for dogs at Animal Wellness Magazine.