Broomstick Brand Buddies spread the word about our all-natural, healthy treats on social media, and we couldn’t be prouder to have them as our ambassadors. Cute, awesome, and fun, these furbabies know how to work the camera.

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Brand Buddy

Hello, I’m Astrid! I’m an Australian Shepherd with a whole lot of attitude! Living in GA with pawrents! I’m crazy hyper but I will snuggle with you sometimes! I love living life chasing after balls and barking at everything that moves!

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Brand Buddy

I came into my mommy’s life one year after she had a sudden stroke, and while she had regained her ability to walk, her stamina was no where near mine. Over the years, Mommy has come up with fun tricks and activities that challenge and stimulate me, and they all involve a tasty reward when I succeed at completing them. My mommy and I are inseparable. I am her little shadow, sunshine, and emotional support companion. After her stroke, my mommy suffered a lot of social anxiety which is why she takes me with her everywhere. She doesn’t know what she would do without me which is why she feeds me the highest quality food and treats. In order for me to live the longest and healthiest life possible, she always looks for all natural, organic snacks that are made in the USA which is why I became a proud member of the Broomstick Brand Buddy team!

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