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Handmade Pet Treats You Can Trust

Colors and Flavors Nature Intended

Minimum Ingredients. Maximum Taste.


Grain, Gluten & Wheat-free Flours

We’ve got nothing against whole wheat, but we don’t use it in our treats. Non-GMO and organic brown rice flour, flax, oat, garbanzo, buckwheat, and coconut flours are our go-tos.

All Natural

All-Natural, Human-Grade

If we won’t eat it, can’t pronounce it, or it has more syllables than ermahgerd, we’re not feeding it to your pet.

No Scary Ingredients

No Scary Stuff

We’ll never add animal by-products, digest or meal, cheap fillers like corn or soy, artificial flavors, colors, or chemical preservatives.


What Customers Are Saying

Honestly these are the cutest treats! I love the different varieties! I also love being able to feed my dog something more natural and made with lots of love!

My dogs absolutely love these treats! They also came with samples which my dogs also loved!


These treats are so cute and were shipped fast! We used them for giveaways at our pup’s daycare for all of his buddies and everyone absolutely loved them!


Perfect. The cookie is soft enough for my chihuahua with barely any teeth left and tasty enough to keep her wanting more. They also agree with her tummy which is super sensitive and on a low fat diet. Customer service was top notch! I will continue to purchase these for Piper!

100% Human-grade

Treats you wouldn't be afraid to eat.

Pet Allergy Friendly

No wheat, soy, or corn. Only grain & gluten-free flours.

Small Batches

Baked to order ensuring you the freshest treats.

No Scary Stuff

No animal by-products, fillers, or artificial anything.